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Studio 360, “The Dental Lab” is a full service dental laboratory established in 2008. Our 360 focus ensures first-rate customer service from the moment we receive your case and up to the moment you deliver it to your patient. Dentists trust they will always receive the latest innovative restorative options at the best value from Studio 360, “The Dental Lab”. We do not only offer the assurance of restoring confident smiles for your patients, but also enrich your experience with us by rewarding you for your hard work!

Looking to save money on your everyday restorations? Looking for help on a complex case without breaking the bank? Tough patient who needs that new perfect fitting denture or partial? Studio 360 has the solution for every case. We are a full service lab that offers high quality restorations at an incredible value. Our model of service, quality, and price keep your patients and piggy bank smiling!